Inhabituel: exercice de plusieurs F16 au-dessus d'un village..pas prudent çà !!

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Démo de Mickey à Beauvechain le 3.2.2006:

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Defence days Belgium
Defensiedagen België

At Bevekom / Beauvechain
2-3 sept. 2006


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This fly by took place in Fort Worth, Texas on 15th of September during rollout ceremony.
First four polish F-16 will join into the service in Polish Air Force on 9th of November this year :)
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Major Jason Knoltes flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon in a demonstration during the 2006 Joint Services Open House on Saturday May 20, 2006.


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A video with a High-G demonstration using a F-16


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Het demo team van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht

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Hellenic airforce variouse clips of F-16 Mirage 2000
weapons demo inflight video Greek airforce rules. visit www.greekmilitary.net

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